Monday, 4 March 2019

The Roller Coaster

The Roller Coaster. 

I hopped on the seat while a worker strapped me up. 

"Whatever you do, don't scream!" My cousin laughed. 

"Deal." I replied 

While HE was getting strapped up, I saw my Auntie waving at me with my 2 other cousings (*coughs* Wusses *coughs) 

"3 2 On-" 

SwOoSh! I blasted up into the air! I felt like the wind threw me up in the sky, I heard my cousin screaming with fear. I saw a cloud on my lap. 

I got lower, and lower.. Until our feet landed on the ground.


Thursday, 21 February 2019

BBQ Dinner

I glanced over, seeing the holy potatoes and the juicy meat.

The meat was about to let go of the bone, while the smell of sensation was with it.

“Hurry up! Let’s eat.” I yelled.

My stomach started to grumble, and my mouth started to open, with drool leading down to my chin.

“Okay, okay!” Auntie replied.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

The Girl Addicted To Katy Perry

Way away in the Gold Coast, there was a girl addicted to Katy Perry's posts. Her name is Kim, with the big chubby chin. She also eats spaghetti in tins. Her mum is so scared. Well Kim doesn't really care, she put Katy Perry's poster on her mirror. But she really looks like terror! She has. Long armpit hair even longer than her chair. She has no friends. She is quite thin, she is quite firm. But let's just wait until next term. She always likes to see Katy roar. She is quite poor. She tried to fly like Katy Perry did in a narrative movie. But she landed on the floor. She hates doing her chores. She doesn't like Justin beaver or any other singer. She is only 5 and hates Tinker bell. She where hair gel. She hates when other people tell.

This was hard to rhyme I really took my time. Well good bye
By Victorhea Tongi

Monday, 30 October 2017

My Favorite games on Roblox

Mine craft trouble

If you don’t know minecraft that well this is not a great story for you. Once upon a time there lived a girl named Melissa she loved ❤️ playing minecraft, her friends play it to. She had glistening green eyes and thick brown hair. She loves the. Colour blue. That's her skin: I know it’s pretty cool.
One day she logged on minecraft on her Xbox 1. The broken screen said “please touch screen to begin” it never said that before. She gasped maybe her tv screen would be broken. Geramy already broken it twice in her old house. She touched it anyways. Until a big BANG came. She fell down on some cobble stone? she teleported to minecraft! “Ouch! I hurt my leg.. wait that's cobble stone?” She gasped. “I'm in minecraft!” She screamed. Suddenly a friendly wolf came. “ahh!” She screamed. The wolf just sat there staring at her. “Umm… Wolf are you o-” She got interrupted. “ARFF” a bunch of wolves attacked her like she is a coward. Well she is. Anywho back to the story. She unexpectedly survived that war. She saw this near by village. At the mountains it took 2 hours to get up. It was humongous! It was literally bigger than the eiffel tower or mt. Everest! She sneaked into the bushes a villager was picking the berries. Instead the villager picked one of her hair from her eyebrow. “Ouch!” Melissa screamed. The villagers gasped. “Intruder!” The villager screamed. “What's the problem?” Said a boy “It's a intruder!” Said the villager. “Looks like she is confused. Maybe she is new in the woods” Said the boy. “Ehem!” Said the king. “Oh! Your highness please forgive this. There is a new girl in the woods.” Said the boy. “Hmm its Steve the “Main character” in minecraft, Why would you let her be in here. She might be in the herobrines team” Said the king: “Y-Your highness.. Sir.. Umm I am not an intruder I can explain..
“Well I am so sorry ms. Or mrs. I don’t know but you're right.” Said the king “Thanks so much can I stay here I need to know how to get out of here” Said Melissa. “Sure thing I mean.. Sure..” Said the king. “Ah.. I am starving” Said Melissa “I have some chicken in my cottage” Said a friendly villager. “Thanks.” Said Melissa.
“Wow cool cottage” said Melissa “Thank you.” Said the villager “oh no..” Said the villager again. “What?” Said Melissa. “I don't have any wool for 2 beds..” Said the villager. “We need to.. Survive the night??” Said Steve “Mhm..” Said the villager.. “Let me get you 2 some swords stay put.” Said the villager. Melissa gulped.  “It's gonna be okay” Steve said “Okay.” Melissa lied, “Err…..” A zombie said outside “Oh no where is the villager?!” Said Steve said. “We need to use our bare hands?!” Melissa screamed. “I think so!” Said Steve. “Wait that zombie has the king's crown” Said Steve “You thinking what I thinking!” said Melissa. “He is in hero brines teams

:OOOOO “Why!!” Screamed Steve. “OH NO THEY FIGURED OUT MY SECRET IDENTITY!” shouted the king. The villagers watched the kids cried. The horses backed away. “How dare you! We tried to be normal how can you tell our secret identity!” said the queen. “AH RUN!!!” Said the villagers. “:OOO ITS THE FRIENDLY VILLAGER THAT LET US IN THE COTTAGE HE IS DEAD!!” ”NOOOOOO” Scream Melissa. “Any ways.. RUN!!!” Said Steve. They all evacuated the village well at least they got some props. They chopped up some wood. They got only a little tiny tepee. Where the kids need to sleep. The adults need to go sleep outside (BUMMER) <- Melissa sleeping.
“Hehehe..” Herobrine “Where is that Steve… NOW” said HeroBrine “O-Okay okay! They evacuated” Said the zombie king “WHAT?!?!?” Said Herobrine.
HeroBrine killed the zombie king. Until a villager “how dare u!” Said the villager he threw a knife at herobrine he got killed and Melissa got back a nether portal appeared. It took her home lived happily ever after THE END.
Made by: Victorhea Tongi
Pictures Found by: Victorhea Tongi

The WonderFul World of Tiffany

The WonderFul World of                               Tiffany !                                            Inspired By “Tom Gates”                              Special thanks                                            To                          Liz Pichon :)    Contents Chapter 1: Moving in Chapter 2: Weirdo in the house Chapter 3: Every enemy starts with a punch.. Chapter 4: Doggy! Chapter 5: Prank wars begin..
Chapter 6: Doggy.. X_x Chapter 7: Revenge..
Chapter 8: new High school                          Chapter 1 Hi, I am Tiffany, Tiffany Lilac. I know it's a weird sir name. But it's fine I suppose. Today I moved to Canada. I miss New zealand.. Aunt forced Mum to move. Screw you aunt VIv! Well we went to the airport.. I packed my stuff. Until DUN DUN DUN! I forgot my laptop “Noo!!” I screamed. Everyone looked at me. Like I am a dumbo. Well I am. But still! It was embarrassing we went in the plane then a big man sat by me. My Brother Liam. He is so annoying! At least he is not sitting by me mostly he does but he fell asleep on grannys lap. He is only 5 and cute but vicious! When we finally came to Canada we saw this weird looking lady saying to us.. “Hi Kids!” It was so weird but we all ran!                       Chapter 2 When we “settled” in our house tomorrow morning I got to school WHY THIS EARLY! Mum said its called “Krypton intermediate” Well on my first day of school I met this girl Olivia Holton. She was pretty nice. Well we study together at English class.. I don’t really know my writing she is so I am happy :) At lunch time I figured out there was a cafe! I “borrowed” some of Olivia’s money :P I bought a cupcake with milo. It was delicious :) Apparently Olivia found out :( But she had extra :D But                                                                                                                                                                    she was still MAD Well itit’s worth a try..                     CHAPTER 3 Until we saw the “Popular” Girls. Hazel, Sylie, And lastly Beth! The worst one of all! They bullied Olivia until PUNCH!  Until Detention.. :( My Mum was so disappointed but I just climbed up into the window into my room so they won’t notice ( Plan A check! ) Anyways my Mum found out I sneaked in so I was grounded for a couple of days.. :( But I sneaked a block of chocolate under my bed for special occasions! Yes! I knew it would be helpful for something! My annoying brother (Liam) wanted some! We share rooms. Eh… He is so annoying he nearly ate the whole chocolate. Image result for chocolate gif <- my dream every night. :I

               Chapter 4                   DOGGY After a few weeks of detention and groundness. I came back from “Swimming” ( I was actually using my Mum’s credit card for robux ) I came to the lounge and there was paw prints ALL over the couch, So I went to my Mum’s room to ask but.. A DOGGY! HALLELUJAH!!! It's a Labrador/pug! She said “This is Taffy! Your new dog!” My Mum was actually pretty tired I think she got Taffy late at night. She looks so tired. So I gave her a sleeping pill. Well I think it’s a sleeping pill, Wait… I looked at the back of the “sleeping” pills. ITS EXPIRED!! ( DUN DUN DUN ) :O  :O :O well that was  a disaster, My Mum got CrAzY! I was running! She tried to hug me like a crazy person! She screamed “I WANNA  HUG :P”                                           CHapter 5 When my mum speeded me to school like a crazy person, Me and olivia saw Beth, Hazel and Kylie showed up, “Hey loser! So.. What you up to.” said Beth, “none of your business Beth!” I said back. “Hmm. Was wondering..” I interrupted her “I broke your arm! Do you want me to break your other arm Beth? Now leave me alone!” I said, “hmm i was about to say.. Boo!” she screamed then a bunch of mac n cheese went on my forehead! “AH!! Hmm. You wanna fighT? The prank wars begin!” said Olivia, the “popular” girls went out of the locker room, “hmm we need to plan! After school you will come to my house!! For a meeting,” I screamed “Sir yes sir! I mean.. Mam yes mam!” Replied Olivia, We met after school, “Welcome to my office!” I said Related image I was petting taffy, She said “WOW! I got a plan..” ( coming up next on Tiff Wars: pranks of the day ) Well that was going well…                                Chapter 6 I came back from school one day I went back from school I saw a chew toy on the floor I went to my room and I saw taffy lying down, I tried to wake her up and I saw a letter it said “that's revenge for broken arm.” ( find out how she killed the  dog in tiff wars: Pranks of the day )
                        Chapter 7 I went and I saw beth and I screamed to olivia “NOW!” she pulled down beth's pants her underwear was pink and it  said: Grandma Club :) everybody started laughing, “that's for killing my dog!” said Tiffany.                                           Chapter 8 It was the end of the year, I had to go to my new high school. I will miss Olivia. She was such a nice friend. We had a end of the year assembly. My new school is called “Temporary girls high school” I know its pretty random but I think I will enjoy it, ( Tiffany Liliac: High school mission )