Wednesday, 1 November 2017

My Future Life ( I hope )

The Girl Addicted To Katy Perry

Way away in the Gold Coast, there was a girl addicted to Katy Perry's posts. Her name is Kim, with the big chubby chin. She also eats spaghetti in tins. Her mum is so scared. Well Kim doesn't really care, she put Katy Perry's poster on her mirror. But she really looks like terror! She has. Long armpit hair even longer than her chair. She has no friends. She is quite thin, she is quite firm. But let's just wait until next term. She always likes to see Katy roar. She is quite poor. She tried to fly like Katy Perry did in a narrative movie. But she landed on the floor. She hates doing her chores. She doesn't like Justin beaver or any other singer. She is only 5 and hates Tinker bell. She where hair gel. She hates when other people tell.

This was hard to rhyme I really took my time. Well good bye
By Victorhea Tongi